Tools for working with Agile methodologies

Agile methodologies improve project development because they keep the essence without generating unnecessary documents or processes. Unlike traditional methodologies, they give more voice to developers and allow customers to evaluate applications more often to check that their requirements are met.

I will talk soon about them in depth, but today I am going to focus on the tools that we can use to work with them. There are many both free and paid and I have selected these:

Pivotal Tracker

It allows you to manage tasks, iterations, user stories, … Pivotal has a monthly cost that varies depending on the number of projects, users and the media type .


It is a free version of Pivotal Tracker which can be downloaded from GitHub. It has the same functionality but its installation is complex and doesn’t have support service.


It is a project manager to see the tasks related to bugs or change requests. In addition to utilities such as Gantt charts, it integrates with code management tools like Subversion to see the code associated with each change request.


It is an alternative to Redmine with similar functions. It is integrated with Pivotal, so each change request can be associated with the related tasks and see their status.


It allows to automatically deploy projects on multiple servers (including Amazon) so programmers do not have to worry about how they are configured. It includes continuous integration to ensure that each version performs as the previous one.

I hope these tools help you to use methodologies like Scrum in your business.

Rafael Borrego

Consultant and security champion specialised in Java, with experience in architecture and team management in both startups and big corporations.

Disclaimer: the posts are based on my own experience and may not reflect the views of my current or any previous employer

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