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Consultant and security champion specialised in Java, with experience in architecture and team management in both startups and big corporations. Disclaimer: the posts are based on my own experience and may not reflect the views of my current or any previous employer

Best practices managing credentials

Credential management is one of the most critical parts of the Ops/DevOps world as a leaked password may give full access to a database or queue that stores confidential data from customers. This could not only impact the reputation of the business but also imply very high fines, e.g. due to a GDPR data breach. Below are some practices that may sound obvious but you would be surprised by the number of companies that get hacked due to not following them.

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How to stop and re-enable batch jobs without changing the scheduler or redeploying the application

Batch jobs are essential for many applications but sometimes there is too much hassle to stop and re-enable them when needed. We are going to see what they are, the scenarios in which it is needed and how to use a standard microservice pattern to address it.

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Contract testing using Spring Cloud

As applications grow it is normal to break them down into smaller pieces that are easy to combine and maintain. The challenge comes in the integration between these pieces as an small change in one of them may break the communication with the others, and we may not notice it until we get emails from users. We are going to see how to detect this automatically using contract testing.

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